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we have this jam-packed show. ♪ ♪ >> eric: we have a jam-packed show for you today. if you thought seth mcfarland was funny hosting the oscar last night, wait until you hear gutfeld's take on how it was prom night. k.g., the in-house prosecutor will cross examine a couple of big legal stories. blade runner, the story in south africa and oscar pistorius at home. and we break down sick pay and politically incorrect policy in the work place. finally, our own ricky bobby bob beckel crosss the finish line with nascar controversy exploding to daytona this weekend. if you listen to d.c. politicians you think sequestration will end life as we know it, planes falling out of skies, kids starving, bridging crumbling. listen. >> people will lose their jobs. >> fewer f.b.i. agents o on the job made sure air travel could
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be crippled. >> it will be painful for the flying public. >> hurt a lot of mom and dads. >> parents have to scram to believe find child care. >> everyone thinks bad things are going to happen. >> we have to stop this from happening. >> dangit, they need to get the job done. >> educators will be laid off. >> 40,000 teachers could lose their jobs. >> the cuts will harm middle class families. the uncertainty is already having an effect. >> eric: both sides are at fault. bipartisan fear-mongering. nothing will change come friday. in fact, get this. webb sequestration, washington will still spend more this year and every year going forward. there are no cuts. only smaller increases. greg, you have been worried about this all weekend. >> greg: i haven't slept a wink. what do you call steps of thousands of kids losing heat start services? head start. they don't work. it shows that head start doesn't he the is the most pointless
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debate than taste great, less filling. we are arguing over pennies as the banks, are essentially burning. complaining that your dog has fleas while he has rabies. i have a chart. this is what the white house believes will happen from sequestration. domestic cats will grow two heads. it's true. the new head that is grown will hunger for human flesh. yes. fear of two-headed carnivorous cats force people under ground. lastly, there will be a new jim carey movie. >> eric: it's both sides. we saw john mccain. both sides say if sequestration goes into effect bad things will happen. >> dana: in the presidential debate, president obama said sequestration will not happen. they put it forward as a way to get leverage and get something done in washington.
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i remember at the time bob saying wait until this comes home to roost. that is what is happening now. >> greg: that was impressive. >> dana: thank you. i worked op it all weekend. i'll do more later. the thing that is amazing to me, the fear mongering is so extreme all of a sudden. it's $85 billion. not the way you want to cut $85 billion if you were doing this in a smart way. it's more like a meat cleaver. but transportation of secretary yesterday ray lahood said the first thing that has to go is the air traffic controllers. that can't possibly be the case at the department of transportation. that's the first am only thing they can come up with? >> eric: janet napolitano today said if you are waiting two hours in line to come through security, expect four hours or maybe six hours. >> greg: crazy. >> dana: that would be improvement. >> eric: we're not cutting spending. $85 billion is off tip crease that was going to happen.
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>> bob: you said we'll spend more money and that is true. entitlements grow with sequestration. the reason this is a big deal it cuts everything across the board. there will be fewer people at tsa and fewer flights handle and there are serious -- >> eric: i got to ask. >> bob: they get done and the cowards don't have the ability to -- >> eric: there aren't fewer. even you use 2012 budgets to pay 2013 expenses you will spent more. you have more to spend than 2012. >> bob: in the in cuts that are subjected to the sequestration. >> eric: kimberly, the year 2000 an 2012 the population increased. in that same time, the budget increased by 98%. we have a spending problem. >> kimberly: of course we have a spending problem. but president panic wants us to believe otherwise. to get out of this we to have
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to do more spending. he won't look at the problem. he says spend more money, more stimulus and hiring. he has it wrong. he wants to follow the same steps back to club doom. that is what is going to happen. same thing aural over. doing the same thing all over again and expecting different result. >> greg: this is happening over and over again. i feel like the debate. >> kimberly: groundhog day. >> greg: like schiapny toy you give to a kid so he doesn't realize he is going to doctor. the american public doesn't realize going to a ruin to ruin with spending. or road to greece because they're too occupied. >> dana: this is filled with potholing and the guardrails have come down. washington plays pacman like someone risk averse. going around and eating the dots. but you need to go for is the big fruit so you get extra points. the big fruit is entitlement piece. there isn't a plan for that.
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they are nibble around the edges. so in a month we have to do another debate because we fund the government because they don't have a budget in front >> bob: they will probably come up with a patch here. the fact of the matter if you talk about increasing the budget, the entitlement program increase budget dramatidramatically. we had two wars in there. let's don't assume this is democratic spending. >> greg: we have more matches now than a pirate ship. >> kimberly: eric, why if the agency has discretion to --don they don't allow it. >> kimberly: but the president -- >> eric: right. the president comes up with an idea if we go to sequestration you don't get to pick and choose where you want to make cuts. it's across the board. finally someone will do it. i don't think they will do it. kick the can down the road. don't scare us like that again or ask us about spending again. we will handle it from here. that is dangerous. can we do this? hollywooders last night flexing political pecktorials
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and asking you and more to pay more taxes but look at them. all of them. across the board 1%, think have personal security and travel with personal hair and makeup people. and check this out. look at the movie subsidiarie subsidiaries. "django unchanged" seeking $8.4 million from louisiana. "argo" $6.2 million from california. "silver linings playbook" $5.6 million from pennsylvania. "lincoln," $3.5 million from virginia. democrat is the problem. people are dissatisfied with the hollywood hypocrisy. they preach something inconsistent with something they live in their life. how can you respect anyone and say they have credibility if they continue to do that. making a mockery of it. that is why we laugh and make fun of them on the show. >> bob: i don't make fun of it. this isn't about the actresses and actors. this is production companies shopping out the 45 states
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including republican states passed laws to give tax incentives to movie productions in the states. they are not bringing that much economic growth in the state as a result. nothing to do with the actor and actresses and everything to do with the big corporations look for a hand-out. >> eric: actresses and actors start movies that corporations try to get hard taxpayer dollars to subsidize. >> kimberly: supplement. >> greg: i wouldn't mind so much if they made up with decent film. >> eric: you didn't like any of them? >> greg: i liked a few. the only contact hollywood has with the poor is like movies like "les mis" and the beautiful people dress up to look ugly and poor. >> dana: takes eight hours for hair and makeup to get done to look poor. >> greg: if you want an oscar dress up like a poor person. >> eric: there you well. they did well last night. coming up, oscar night in tinseltown. perfect fodder for "the five." look at the good, bad and ugly. which stars took over and which fizzled at the academy
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awards. that's next on "the five." that song comes from the movie. do you know which one it is. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: so hurricane oscar came and went leighing a trail of coke viles in the wake. complaining about it is all the fun. it's like your divorced aunt who acts half her age. nauseating and entertaining at the same time. "argo" beat "zero dark thirty." and "zero dark" led everyone to bin laden. and "argo" rescued hostages. the big story last night, the first lady showing up. i mean jane fonda. the first lady of hollywood. that is the only place to embrace the bona fide traitor. she deserves the stockade not the accolade. michelle obama gave out best picture award. some people hate this overt mixing of politics in hollywood. not i. i love the overt. unlike some of the actors, the hollywood left are out of the closet. it makes sense for libs in hollywood are identical. they live to be accepted by
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the cool kids. reviews matter more than reality. it's better to be loved than be right. as for the rest of us, we do not need a televised group hug. it never received a prize from anything but cracker jacks. but it's your fault if you expect anything else from the oscar. it's like expecting roses from a hemorrhoid. stars actually thought they were better than you, there would be no oscar or golden globes or grammys. the show exists for one reason only. therapy for the cool when the pills no longer work. i hate the overt. the pervert. k.g., you and i had an argument because we're all going through the favorite moments about this particular movement. moment or movement. when ben affleck is talking about his life. shall we roll it? >> kimberly: roll it. yeah. >> i wantbe to thank my wife, who i don't normally associate with iran, but i want to thank you for working on our
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marriage for ten -- it's good. it is work, but the best kind of work. no one i'd rather work with. >> greg: you love this. >> kimberly: i like him, he is very sweet. he is a nice guy. he really loves his wife. that was a little embarrassing and awkward. >> greg: he said marriage is a lot of hard work. >> kimberly: that wasn't good. they have been working on it for ten years. all of the weekly in "us weekly" show them happy. one of the moments, the best moments don't you think? >> greg: one of them was also my wife -- wife -- >> kimberly: he was vulnerable. >> greg: if you said it's a lot of work. hard work is worth it. no, i'd be sleeping not -- not on the couch. homeless couch. >> kimberly: already on >> greg: nice plug. >> bob: it's not worth all the work. [ laughter ] i have done it. been there, done it. no more. >> greg: did you watch the oscars? >> bob: no. >> greg: did you have a favorite moment? movement?
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>> bob: i watched swamp hunters. and the swamp whatever they're called. good old boys in louisiana. a lot of the 150 million or 180 million americans who did not watch the oscars, i include myself. for that moment i congratulate you all for not wasting a second of your valuable life on this ridiculous self-absorbed overrated crap. >> kimberly: you missed michelle obama. >> greg: the majority of the audience of "the five" agrees with you but i think it's important as righty libertarian. you have to watch this stuff. >> eric: i was watching it. it was hard because "walking dead." >> bob: you are either on tv or watching tv. >> eric: i love watching tv. i love award shows. hate me for it, i love it. i wanted to watch "walking dead" but i caught the 11:00 p.m. reair of that. i missed michelle obama. it's great they had her on. my favorite moments is when jennifer lawrence tripped up the stairs. funny.
2:19 pm
she handled it very well. there it is. ready, ready. long dress and she caught it. >> greg: landed on dustin hoffman. >> eric: look how long the dress is. wow. the other favorite moment is adele. she nailed it again. >> greg: a great singer. but all the songs are people yelling the title of the song. "♪ sky bomb ♪ sky bomb ♪ live and let die they don't write lyrics. they just shout the title. orchestra comes in, woman sings. it's over. >> kimberly: don't quit the day job for broadway. >> bob: what is the movie in the bikini? "gold finger"? >> greg: dana you were blogging all night about the oscars. >> dana: i'm with bob. i didn't like them. what we watch now is the first
2:20 pm
i've seen of it is. it the night of the beard last night? i don't understand that. >> greg: a lot of gay men with dates. >> dana: very good. i got that one. the only show i watched yesterday was this one and take a look. the seal show. central park zoo. >> eric: he is a good boy. >> dana: check it out. i watched "house of cards." i finished the series in a week. fantastic. >> greg: that is nice, dana. this is about the oscars. >> kimberly: how about jennifer hudson? she looks amazing. >> bob: who was she? >> dana: she sap. >> kimberly: finalist for "american idol." should have been the winner. >> dana: what is your opinion onset mcfarland? >> greg: he did a pretty good job. he is getting a lot of guff because he was younger and he got the demo up by 20%. you know, he was making fun of the people in the room. he wasn't making few of america. i like that. but i have two things.
2:21 pm
i want to show, this is a post interview with quentin tarantino. two hilarious questions. first one, go. >> from mexico, people over there and everyone in the world loves you and congratulates you tonight. do you know the effect you have in the world? >> actually, iralways prided myself on being an international film-maker. where i come -- the way i look at it, i'm not an american film-maker, i'm an american, and i'm a film-maker but i make movies for planet earth. >> greg: the question -- how far can you crawl up this guy's butt. this is the weirdest, possibly the weirdest question i heard anybody ask. >> do you really think that the human body, it also has bones. the jokes -- [ inaudible ] there is only blood and flesh
2:22 pm
in a human body. we see that. >> dana: what? >> greg: he asked if there were any bones in the human body. nobody got it. but i think he was saying that maybe all of que tarantino's characters are filled with blood. >> eric: blood and guts. >> greg: are there any bon bones? >> bob: can you repeat the question? >> kimberly: there is so much blood in his movies. >> greg: was everybody okay with michelle obama being on? >> kimberly: i thought she did a good job. she was much better than the rest of the presenters. she wasn't nervous. >> greg: i didn't think it was necessary. >> kimberly: different question. >> eric: you didn't like her? >> greg: i didn't think it was necessary. >> kimberly: gri tu to us.>> g. >> eric: seth mcfarland, i thought he held back. >> greg: he had to. >> eric: why? >> greg: because it's
2:23 pm
oscars. >> dana: it's harder job than being the response to the "state of the union" that president obama gave. the critics, they are going to be dishing. i don't know how anybody could succeed doing that. >> greg: the worth part of the show, seth mcfarland was okay. the musical numbers. >> dana: they lasted forever. >> greg: most of the people in "les mis" can't sing except for one american. horrible. like people shouting at you. >> kimberly: like this show if we dressed up like that and started singing. >> greg: maybe you should. >> bob: how much dough for fashion and stuff like that? millions and millions? >> dana: not as many as the obama fundraisers. >> greg: way to turn it in to a political tirade. >> kimberly: did you like william shatner? >> bob: william shatner? >> kimberly: did i
2:24 pm
mispronounce? >> bob: i thought he was dead. >> greg: i'm sure. >> bob: many people counting op it. >> bob: women are make history and you make this wonder what is more fun to watch? me or women fighting in a cage? why can't it be both? ultimate battle of the sexes coming up. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> dana: it has been one of the worst flu season on record evidenced by greg gutfeldch some lawmakers want to force employers to calf up money when they call in sick. 11% of state government, low wage and part-time world are not entitled to paid sick time
2:29 pm
off. but opponents say it cost companys more money and could result if lower waims and possible job loss or job sta stagnation. you have been excited to talk about this. enlighten us. >> greg: if somebody is sick, the business owner will then have to pay two people. it's like buying a wham a bull. you pay for both but you only get george michael. the business owners get nailed on everything. >> dana: this was in the wall street on saturday. people call in sick when they aren't really sick. i'm sure nobody here has done that. career says 52% are likely to take a day off
2:30 pm
on monday, call in sick on a monday. is that fair? >> kimberly: hangover. >> eric: exactly. a tidbit, you can find out which day your car was built in by whoever builds your cars, don't buy a car built on monday. because they're all longover. >> dana: that is interesting. >> kimberly: do you literally check that? >> eric: a well documented fact along with this, that cars built on monday have more problems than cars built any other day of the week. >> dana: that was a help segment. >> eric: i do know that. other stuff i make up but not that part. >> dana: from a business guy perspective, do you think the government should be telling businesses if they should or should not pay for part-time workers for sick leave? >> eric: welcome to the obama business environment with red tape, bureaucracy, and obamacare doing everything they can to crush -- this hurts most the small and medium-size businesses with 35-45 people. you can't go over 50.
2:31 pm
if you go over 50 you get nailed with all these things. they are literally going to keep employers lower so they don't get nailed with this stuff. >> kimberly: this is very cost, you know, expensive in terms of trying to cover. like greg said, pay for the person who is there and pay for the person home sick. at the same time, if you will in the food industry, right, obviously, waiters and waitresses that rely on tips. >> dana: i'll get an example and get you to comment on this. two examples. one of them if you are a waitress or waiter or food server, you don't want to make other people sick. is it the more responsible to thing to stay home and give, have the employers pay that perp and if you work at a preschool and kids bring in germs. one woman had to take two weeks off because she had the flu. she wasn't given sick leave but she is used as somebody that think think is a good example of why businesses should be made to do this. >> bob: typical
2:32 pm
short-sighted thinking of bolling in business. the fact of the member is these people need to work and need hourly wages. they are sick and they will come in. what will they do? spread the sickness to everybody nellis the workplace and more people will be out of work because they will call in sick. in the food processing business, take mcdonald's. somebody is really sick. they get there and making handburgers and sneezing over hamburgers and they got the flu. >> greg: you showed up to work with mrsa. do you remember that? >> bob: but you got me thrown out. >> greg: i agree you don't want people to come to work sick. but big on the elective surgery. i could get a horn sewn to my forehead and fnc would pay for it. >> eric: if you are a company that is a food service company, offer it to them. >> dana: if you want the best employees. >> eric: exactly.
2:33 pm
>> dana: ten years ago employers called flex time. you get three weeks off if you are salary employee and you can use them however you want. you could take vacation time with it, or if you were ill, then you take days off for that. that was a model that people were excited about and thought would help taking sick days when they shouldn't and reward people who didn't call in sick unnecessarily. the feedback i got on twitter today i don't think it's working well. >> kimberly: what does the research show? >> bob: government map date, you think it's good idea for not have government mandate when we have food that we don't check to see if it's safe? >> dana: who says that? >> bob: you said government mandate. they make sure food is checked. >> eric: one of the biggest proposals to kill business is mississippi wage. >> dana: on every one of these things on the left most
2:34 pm
people will say that won't hurt businesses at all. at some point when it's added up is it going to hurt businesses? >> kimberly: that is the idea. overregulation. >> bob: it's nowarting business. making sure the businesses don't hurt the people. >> greg: you hire less people because you make up losses elsewhere. what does it mean? it means the hygiene suffers in companies. housekeeping, you know, the old line that socialism leads to poor housekeeping. places get dirtier. that's why i don't sleep in the bathroom of public library. i'm telling you. that is the first thing that goes. look at a gas station bathroom for god sake. >> kimberly: you hang out in them. >> dana: on that note. let us know what you think on twitter. ahead on "the five" -- >> greg: the giant keys. with the big giant key chain. >> dana: i don't like to touch those things either. i agree. i have hand wipes and take them in your purse.
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we have crime statistic to the oscar pistorius murder case in south africa. is there a chance he could walk away free? kimberly will give us the legal lowdown after the break. ♪ ♪ of harst-working, smoothesriding.lass it's got the most torque, the smoothest suspension, the best storage, class-leading comfort, and a revolutionary collection of versatile accessories. it's built on everything we've learned creating the world's best-selling utility side-by-sides. introducing the l new 60-horsepower ranger xp 900, a wholnew class of hardest-working, smoothest-riding. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back.
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for a body in motion. ♪ i'm bret baier in washington. big story, what some republicans call scare tactics to add pressure over the sequester. to on "special report," we are days away from implementation in cuts in the rate of government spending increases. the white house is warning national security could be impacted. whenever the sequester fight is settled, another budget battle begins. funding for the government runs out in late march and there could be a shutdown. also the debt ceiling limit will be reached in mid-may. the government talks about increasing taxes, 14 states voted in the last year to
2:40 pm
reduce personal income taxes. look how north carolina wants to go a step further. advocacy group is quoting donors with offers of access. we'll explain. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now we'll send it back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: olympic track star oscar pistorius charged with murdering his girlfriend is out on bail. probase officers are keeping a close eye on the paraolympian before the case resumes in june. he faces life in prison. crime statistics in south africa show only 11% of the murders recorded in that country result in a convictio conviction.
2:41 pm
so there is a chance the blade runner could walk away free. let's talk about the justice system there. they don't have a trial by jury. he will be tried by a judge. we heard evidence in the bail hearing where he was granted bail. typically that type of crime in this country you wouldn't get bail. we heard a lot about the case. one of the things that we, i heard was the fact that the investigating officer, there were problems in the case. he has criminal charges pending against him. he will be removed. some of the evidence may not have been properly collected or mishandled and it sounds like o.j. all over again. >> dana: i feel like we might not in the united states have the ability to judge the south african system when we have many cases off the top of my head -- like the casey anthony case for example -- ultimately gets botched by the prosecution.
2:42 pm
we don't know who murdered the little girl here in our country. i'm very sad for the woman and her family. i think it's an important moment to be able to focus once again the fact that domestic violence is a worldwide problem. but this guy in particular, i don't have a lot, i don't have a lot of respect or emotion about him, actually. a blank slate. >> eric: what the heck is going on in the pistorius family? the brother he is being investigated for also what is it called in south africa? not wrongful homicide. culpable -- yeah. for shooting neem a van. where did -- >> kimberly: no, that was the lead investigation shooting people in the vape and then the brother running over someone -- >> eric: what is going on if south africa? are they killing each other? >> bob: greg, you were going to say something?
2:43 pm
>> greg: i can't believe he is not guilty. how do you not know when your girlfriend is next to you in bed and somehow you get up and you -- it's going to try another defense. to me he is guilty. they have given him bail. he is a flight riskism'd say put his legs op backward so if he runs it would be in reverse but that's not something i'd say. something weird, if you put it in context with the other brother -- >> kimberly: this is one to watch. people are interested in it. quickly show the difference. u.s. 4% we convict. 11% in south afterry. south afr. wales doing well at 56%. >> bob: couple things. they don't have juries in south africa and rely on what the police pick up. police are notoriously interrupt that to apartheid days. they have not had a solid
2:44 pm
police investigation and so you are not getting good evidence. >> greg: i can't see how anybody can believe he is innocent. how do you not look in the bed -- >> eric: he hot her. >> kimberly: there is the evidence her head -- [over talk ] >> kimberly: also, he wants to resume training while on bail. i have another story. she took the stand and the prosecution sent a coded message from the jail cell to tamper with the witness. control you have it more cave in on you than this? >> eric: no. so say they nail her. she put numbers -- two magazine, secret coded message. >> eric: numbered them. to get it to a juror. a whole message -- >> kimberly: like you messed
2:45 pm
up. you told my -- >> eric: do they start the trial over again? >> kimberly: witness tampering and it could be a big problem. nevertheless, say she is convicted. it's not going to matter. >> bob: this story has everything. amazing story. she is an interesting story. they have sex, drugs, rock and roll down the line. great story. >> kimberly: it's also a felony. >> greg: also, she is attractive. >> bob: better looking the girl that called the judge -- >> eric: wait. you know they could put the story on backwards -- >> kimberly: here we go. >> greg: call back. >> kimberly: really? directly ahead. nascar gets disturbing video of saturday's terrible daytona crash pulled from youtube. are they trying to kill the story to keep danica patrick in the spotlight? we will tell you what we learned next on "the five." uvite to help replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite has a unique formula not found in your multivitamin
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♪ ♪ >> bob: nascar's biggest race was nearly derailed after a horrific crash at daytona on saturday. this shows what happened when kyle larson went airborne in final lap and crashed through
2:50 pm
54-foot wide barrier. more than 30 fans were injuried in the stands. bizarre twist, nascar attempted to block a fan's video of the wreck posted op youtube based on copyright grounds. youtube reinstalled the video. was nascar trying to cover up the story? kimberly, how in the world could they claim copyright? how to they claim copyright? >> kimberly: they are saying part of the nascar brand and they have it copyrighted and trademark so no one else can use it and you have to ask for footal. but youtube uncovered the fact they did not have the expensive rights like they said. the fact they got it pulled is premature in error. now you are able to see the video we are looking at here. this is an example. >> bob: everybody takes movie with the cell phone now. does it mean some places you can't use the stuff? >> eric: the difference is they pulled off youtube and
2:51 pm
they shouldn't have. then they realized what are we doing? we'd pull a lot off of youtube. the difference, when we do stuff -- you are showing up-to-date want to use something from a game yesterday or a game two days ago, you can't do it. major league baseball won't let you do it. nas cor won't. >> dana: n.f.l. >> eric: n.f.l. won't let you touch it. you have open the copyright. take a video and show it but we can't air it on tv unless you do through legal channels. nightmare. they were using that same argument to get that but they want the weekend about danica patrick. >> bob: the issue, they have a horrific crash and they spend all night long to fix the wall. they did. 54-foot wall. which raises questions. how a tire could break through 54-foot wall? but is this protecting the race the next day, the big race with 500 race at danica?
2:52 pm
>> dana: i think you could get there on that one. i don't think -- this is what i think. i'll go back. >> eric: the tire can go through a 54-foot wall. the 54-foot space and the tire was up or through the pence to protect the 54-foot line. >> bob: that is wrong. >> dana: the organization, everybody brings phone in -- go ahead? >> bob: no, go ahead. i'll respond. >> dana: everyone takes to phone to an eventism went to concerts where they say they don't want you to take a picture or video. a lot of singers decided this is the way it's going to be so i am going to play it up. if they take youtube of me that's part of the consumer experience now. nascar is four steps behind where the fans are.
2:53 pm
>> kimberly: the arguement is they don't have legal right to all the videos when you have tickets and invite someone to come. >> bob: you still have your videos of the last nascar race you went to, right? >> greg: in my big wheel days in san mateo. the big culprit here is plate racing. isn't that what it is? to keep the cars going around 200 miles per hour or more. that causes all the cars to travel in packs. so if you travel in packs, somebody is screwed up, it results in ugly pileup. the issue is not about the phone but restrictor plates. >> bob: but the argument here the driver was going 214, 215 miles per hour. they said too fast. if you build them, going too fast. you are saying that the tire could not go through the -- >> eric: no. the tire did go in the stand. there was a 54-foot wide space they bring stuff in infield through. that's where it hit.
2:54 pm
if stands here, and 5 #-foot wide space and this happened between that space. >> bob: fence on either side, right? >> eric: yeah. watch. right there. >> bob: so you are saying to put a fence up across where they bring stuff in the infield? >> eric: maybe. >> dana: i am so glad we got that straightened out. i was not going to be able to sleep at night. >> kimberly: don't do it. i'm ready. >> bob: the poor people who got hurt by that going through the fence, tire, one more thing is up next. >> kimberly: thank you very much. ♪ ♪
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2:58 pm
>> eric: [ speaking spanish ] first is dana. cool like an iceca ice cappuccio marino. >> dana: my favorite thing to do is prove bob wrong. he has said it's not worth to exercise and it doesn't help you. look at this guy. he is t 101 years old and retired from marathon running and rap the first marathon at 89 years old.
2:59 pm
congratulations to him and help me tell the world bob is wrong. >> kimberly: do you know him? >> bob: he is only 32 years old. >> greg: i would double check the age thing on that. >> dana: he actually does not know how old he is. he does not have a birth certificate. but he wa when he got to eng lae is 100 or 101. >> kimberly: i have a cute one about kids. sometimes people complain about bob about the chirp on planes or loud or obnoxious. however a restaurant was so happy with the pay hop and the well behaved punchens they brought in they got a discount for well-behaved kids. a great idea. that gets everyone to enjoy
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